Digital Marketing - What I Do

Ultimately I’m a digital storyteller, who happens to know how to market really well too. First and foremost I’m a creative content producer and that has always meant focussing on the story before ever trying to sell or market to anyone. That’s worked perfectly as the shift has gone from the selling and marketing era into the social and customer-centric one. That doesn’t mean you don’t need to sell, but it does mean the mode of doing it has all changed. I was definitely born into the right time!“Content is King” was the old saying that’s stuck and is still true today.
 Great content still rises to the top but it’s now in a very crowded market. Eye-catching content inevitably found its way much easier during those early years of glorious organic reach and a hashtag free environment.
Now context, connectivity and connection are just as important. Knowing which platform to be on, the nuances of each, the content that will work and how to really, truly connect with people is what now separates the good from the bad. Organic will continue to fall behind paid as these platforms evolve – just like TV, Radio and Newspapers did before them.
The beauty is they offer far more options, the ability to reach almost anyone in the connected world and be incredibly cost-effective. If you know what you’re doing. That’s where I come in. I know this inside out. I live and breathe this. I’m the first to know Facebook has changed its algorithm or Instagram has added new features. And why that matters. I test and learn what works and what doesn’t to pass that info on to clients I work with. I’m a content producer who has lived in a social marketing revolution. It’s a great mix.

Previous Work

U.S. Embassy, Canberra

It pains me to say that I’m unlikely to ever have a job quite like the one I had at the U.S. Embassy in Canberra. I was their content producer, photographer and social marketer and if that wasn’t enough I was also the fortunate person called on when a VIP like Barack Obama, The Wiggles or Buzz Aldrin came to town and they wanted that captured.

I’ve met the most incredible people, not only the ones that visited but also those that worked at the Embassy. I refer to that place as Top Gun because there simply was the best of the best that worked there. I shot videos and photos and told stories of the most incredible people on the world stage and then got a chance to hone my skills and market those to the Aussie public. It was phenomenal and life changing and it’s going to be one hard thing to top!

Producer, destination marketer & influencer

While content production got me into this, marketing has sustained it and that can’t be truer than my travel work. It’s an industry that’s felt the change of technology like few others but that challenge has also opened up worlds of possibilities. Social influencers used to be movie and TV celebrities, National Geographic ruled the photography world and we all had no idea AirBnB would be booking more rooms than the largest hotel chains that spent decades achieving the same.

The landscape has changed and being a content producer and social marketer in this industry I’ve been able to help some incredible companies stand out from the crowd. I’ve flown in a chopper over Melbourne with Adrenalin, showcase Marriott’s new smartphone app by giving it a test drive in a ‘mystery shopper’ style hotel stay, showing how awesome Gogobot is and proving why Wonderful Indonesia isn’t just a catch phrase. I pride myself in over delivering and breaking the mould of what content producers, marketers and influencers are currently providing.

I’ve built up an incredible community across social media with my Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts  allowing me to reach well over 80,000 people regularly. While some  bemoan the decline of organic reach I not only saw it coming but have welcomed it with open arms. Organic reach is fantastic and I still regularly see numbers over 50% but paid reach just as powerful if you know how to use it.

I provide incredible content that makes people stop and look, an audience of over 80,000 and creative, clever marketing to help showcase the organisations I work with. It’s a unique value proposition that I’m fortunate to have.

Australia Post

A recent, and in some ways my most challenging marketing adventure. If I thought the travel industry was in a transition period, the mail industry may eclipse it. Email and technology has all but ended the letter industry in Australia but also brought with it a phenomenal opportunity with online shopping exploding. Australia Post has a front row seat with these changes and understood they needed to evolve and have repositioned themselves as the leaders in parcel sending and deliveries.

I was given the exciting challenge of connecting with small businesses around Australia to help them build and grow to lift an already expanding market. It was incredible to work in a place that is willing to utilise social media the way it was intended and genuinely help a market that powers the country.

I worked across the small business segment at Aus Post, the innovation segment and also ran the social team for a period as well.


I recently worked in the finance industry with a mortgage broking franchise business called MoneyQuest. I was the Head of Digital Marketing and built their digital marketing team, designed their marketing strategy and implement it.

There are some big businesses competing in the market but none with the desire to be different and push the boundaries.

With over 100 brokers around Australia, they’re each trying to increase their exposure and awareness while lifting the MoneyQuest brand nationally.


I’m currently working as the social media strategist at an incredible start-up company called Move37 who are developing an artificial intelligence powered creative assistant for businesses called Jean. Jean learns what’s important to a business, scours thousands of online sources and makes recommendations for great social posts to keep audiences engaged.