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“Our happiest moments as tourists always seem to come when we stumble upon one thing while in pursuit of something else.” — Lawrence Block

From a quick glance at any of my work it’s probably not difficult to see a pattern forming. Travel and photography are the two things that make my particular world go round and while you don’t necessarily have to have both together for me they compliment each other perfectly.

I believe that the more people that travel and visit other countries the less hate there would be in the world. It’s a very sobering experience to spend time with a family whose only possession outside their cooking utensils is an old photo album with 6 photos inside. It’s incredible to be able to take an entire night hearing about those 6 moments in their lives and smile and laugh like crazy people. Perspective comes easier after that.


By circumstance I’ve ticked off a couple of my bucket list items and I’ve been lucky enough to have some adventures that I realise now probably aren’t likely to happen again. The most recent trip was to Indonesia where instead of heading to most Australian’s favourite place there (Bali) a group of us photographers and influencers headed to more remote areas to witness the full solar eclipse only visible from a tiny area hours from tourist spots. The moment we all looked up and the moon blocked the sun, the temperature dropped and day slipped into night the hundreds of locals joined in as we all clapped and cheered. It’s a sensation and moment that you dream about and one that I search for every time I travel. It’s rare that you get one so perfect but that’s half the fun right?

The trip that really defined my path was about 5 years ago when I took a month out to visit India and to be honest it wasn’t a country that sat high on my bucket list. Because of the time of year, I had limited options where I could travel and at the time, India would be celebrating Diwali and also had the Pushkar Camel Fair which is an experience you cannot forget. Diwali is one of the most important festivals in Hinduism and I got an incredible chance to join in the celebrations. That in itself was worth the trip but the camel fair was amazing. Thousands of people come to a small little town and it ends up being a huge celebration.

India wasn’t quite as busy and crowded as I’d been expecting but it certainly had moments where I felt overwhelmed by the chaos. In direct contrast to that I spent a similar amount of time in New Zealand outside of any school holidays. I  sometimes went days without even talking to another human being. While India was pandemonium and out of control, NZ was serenity personified. Every time I thought I’d found paradise I drove around a bend and saw another one. There’s a reason movies clamour to film there because it’s just about as perfect a place as I can imagine. I had the opportunity to helicopter into one of the glaciers and climb my way to the top before bad weather forced us to head down. I spent several nights traveling by boat through Milford and Doubtful Sounds and woke to the most incredible sunrises you can imagine. No photos do the place justice, but I try 🙂

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