We Travel Not To Escape Life, But For Life Not To Escape Us

Author Unknown

I’m lucky enough to spend a lot of my time travelling the globe as I create content and market for destinations. I also run a website to help other people travel further, more often and often times cheaper –

That site started as a travel podcast where I talked with full time travelers and others in the industry to pick their brains and find out how to do what they do. Initially it was a way for me to improve my work and has ended up evolving into a full blown site helping others travel all over the world the way they have always wanted to. There’s plenty of information out there but I wanted a way to bring the best into one place and deep dive into specifics to help people learn how to do travel more often.

Since the day I first flipped through my parents National Geographic I’ve been lucky to have visited some of the places on my bucket list. From baby seal watching in New Zealand, standing atop Mt Fuji watching the sun rise, to a camel fair in Pushkar, India and beyond I’ve been really lucky to do what I do and be where I’ve been. I have more places left on that list than I could ever fit in my lifetime but I’ll do the best job I can to see them all. Take a look below at some of the places I’ve been already and please get in touch! If there’s one thing anyone that knows me can tell you it’s that I can (and will) talk forever about it if you give me the chance.


This site was born from a simple podcast where I was hoping to learn more about travel from the most experienced people in the world. It’s now a place for people to find all sorts of information about how to travel the world cheaper, further and more often as well as tips on how to get paid while they do it.

It all started from the podcast and was just little old me talking with people that were doing what I wanted to be doing full time and grew from there. The podcast is still going but the site is about much more now! I’ve brought together all the information from the people that I’ve talked to as well as extra stuff to get anyone ready to set off on their own adventures. While it’s predominantly about setting people up to travel long term it’s also applicable for those that only take one trip a year. If that sounds like you head on over to learn how to go on that trip and not spend a cent… I imagine you may end up going on a few more once you do!